Where​ each event is a work of art...

We are dedicated to the idea that not all events are created equal!  As a full-service event coordinator, Renaissance Cake Company caters to people who believe that their special day should be just that - special.  We help create, develop, and enhance the kind of extraordinary cakes that make lasting memories! We limit the number of events we do so that we can take the time to design and create the cake of your dreams.  We offer a wide variety of cakes from traditional to contemporary and anything in between or beyond. 

We want to create the cake of your dreams...

​We do not limit you in any way as to the design of your cake.  If you have an idea, regardless of how impossible it may seem, just ask.  Some of our more elaborate and unusual designs  have come from the imaginations of past brides.   We also do not feel that you should ever be penalized for not liking the taste of white cake.  YOU choose the flavor.  Choices range from the simple such as French Vanilla to the more elaborate new trend of having each layer a different flavor.  There is no extra charge for any of these choices.  


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